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Page history last edited by khaipi 11 years, 8 months ago

Sizang Knowledgebase(Kb)/Wiki/Collaborative Portal.


Wiki - A tom In zak thei na tu dan att sin tong...


What is a Wiki? A wiki is a website that anyone can contribute to by creating new pages or editing existing pages. A wiki makes it easy for a dispersed community to work together, furthering common goals and sharing information. The goal of this document is to help you understand wiki’s and how they can benefit sizang [history research].


A Ki cing zaw Sim(sim hang tang in maw) thei na tu sia.. "Some useful Information on Wiki or Social Collaboration" pan sim thei hi.


Wiki or Knwledgebase(knowledge sharing) - Simple english tawh Video in presentation sia .. http://www.commoncraft.com/video-wikis-plain-english


Sizang is ......


Hong pua ka ve le / Edit this page.



Sizang Knowledgebase(Kb)/Wiki/Collaborative Portal." tung colloborative na sep na tu in - i sep/att kup khom tu dan te

sia page(The Sizang Wiki - Policy)  ah ki kum/ att ma sa tawng.. 


Sizang Society



Sizang literatures 



Sizang's te hi remarkable people?

Global Sizang Directory - collect data with using wiki 


Featured article topics/lists:






Sizang Wiki News

  • 15.11.2008 in tu kum 2 sung Khaipi hi Sizang mailing list sun son pui na teng a tu a ki pak - http://khaipi.net/dev/sizang/doku.php - pan in sizang.pbwiki.com ah zak ol zaw leh mi tam zaw in active in na seam khop thei na tu - ki change hi. Mai lam sang in Khaipi na pbwiki Enterprise service lak tu zong ki kum nuam ci hi.
  • Sizang Wiki/Knowledge Portal - todo lists att te pua pui tek tong.
  • 15.11.2008 - Sizang.pbwiki.com a tu Enterprise version service sia ki lei zo a - Khaipi(germany) na tha khat 10 $ tawh hu na hong pan pui hi. Lung dam.! - Pro version tung ah sia.. 999 users dong ki zang thei a, data,files,video, images kep na tu 25 Gigabyte ki nei hi.
  • 20.11.2008 - Sizang Ngeina Labu - by Dr. Pau Za Nang - sia ki Upload hi.
  • 29.11.2008  - Global Sizang Directory a tu Germany ngam sung lists teng sia - ki att khom kei thei.
  • 24.01.2009 - sizang.pbwiki.com sia i muang maw za in,Mi pui i muang te na sep pui zo ngol lai si leh.. pha tak concept a ki cian Ki att sia a man thei x lai tawh... sizang.pbwiki.com sia pan members/Editor level(nei te ) sa teng na sep na (edit/write) email notification system sia "Close" ma sa kik tawng. Content a pha i nei ma zong in Design & Structure ki pua tu sia tam lai tu ta na - Editors or Members te email sung Notification email tum tan leh sia... pha x tha tu ci in - ngei sun na tawh hi. RSS feed tawh subscribe sia ki nga suak lai tu hi.
  • 24.01.2009 - Tg.Pum Suan Hang & Tg.Tual Khan Khai(Khaipi) - te hi Sizang Ngam a tu - "Rural Area Communication" project a ki pan nop kik na - a ma te 2 na sep khop na URL sia... http://freeburma.pbwiki.com/  hi a, a ngei ngol in Global Sizang pui teng leh Sizang Ngam sung om.. Sizang Organization teng tung tawh zong Na Sep/thu son pui na nei naum ci - in ki za hi. 


See the archive for previous news items.



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Comments (5)

khaipi said

at 1:26 am on Nov 19, 2008

ki pan to ot tawng ee.

Tual Khan Khai(Khaipi) said

at 6:54 pm on Nov 20, 2008

Frontpage or Landing page sia--- pha tak ngai sun sia na - pua kik tan kul tu hi ve maw.
Landing page ah om Topics(category) te zong sia.. users te hi - zak nop huai zaw tu - Topics te pha tak ngi sun sia na.. be lap or Edit kul tu mu ing.

Namzo Thawng said

at 11:17 am on Nov 21, 2008

nice move !
I'll upload some information on Sizang.
Ei sizang te pil ki sa ma ma ahihang Internet sung sia documentation a ki cian va cin ki nei zo ngol lai hi. even in en.wikipedia.org
Yahoo ! Google ! ???

siyindo said

at 9:59 pm on Jan 31, 2009

na tup na na sia mama hi. Great job. Kong huu thei tu po a om tu ziam?

Thomas Thawng said

at 3:50 pm on Jun 16, 2010

hi bang as Sizang khangno pawl khat wiki sung ki mu thei.
topa thupha.

pai to sua suak tong maw.

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