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Thuklai High School 

Page history last edited by khaipi 15 years, 2 months ago

Sia Topics tawh ki sai sia. SIZANG Mi pui thempo na att va cin thei tu ci in ka ngka ngak hi ve maw...



SIZANG mi te hi Mialing Groups(Sizang mi pawl khat) ci in a nei na sung a ki att "Thuklai Hight School" Thu teng biak - sia ah.. na kum ma sa leang ei ve maw.


Hi ta na... Quality nei lian article or Documents hi x tu hi - na nei sak nuam leh.. na Edit tu sia. kua ma tek ma - lung dam ma ma tu hi. (na hun na pia zo leh).


Thuklai Sangthu Pawlkhat - from sizangnet Thu, Feb 19, 2009 (GMT)

Source : Sizangnet@yahoogroups.com

Author : Unknow ( SDF ? - What it is )



Thuklai High School Photogallery  


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